Price Beat Guarantee

Find a lower comparable price online and we’ll beat it by 10%

If within 24 hours of purchasing accommodation on our site, you find and notify us of a better price online for the same offer, same dates and same conditions (see below), we will refund to you the difference between our price and the competitor’s price plus 10% of the competitor’s price.

What qualifies for a Price Beat Guarantee?

  • Prices quoted in Australian dollars without the use of a currency converter including fees and taxes but excluding any card fees
  • Same hotel property (including location)
  • Same room type (including bedding configuration)
  • Same number and type of travellers (including number of adults and children)
  • Same dates
  • Same inclusions
  • Same booking and cancellation conditions
  • Prices on a website that ends in .au or on a website operated in Australia by an Australian company.

What doesn't qualify:

  • Cancelled bookings
  • Prices as part of a package
  • Prices quoted on websites which do not have the capability to confirm the booking and accept payments (for example, websites that link through to a third party’s website)
  • Specially negotiated rates such as travel agent, staff, corporate or membership rates, rates that are only available to people who have subscribed to or become a member of a website or any other rate which is not available to the general public.
  • Unauthorised resellers, for example, eBay
  • Bookings made with vouchers, coupons, point redemption programs or promotional offer/code
  • Prices that are lower as a result of an error by the retailer
  • Prices that Jetstar is unable to verify, using reasonable means
  • Prices offered under promotion with a third party
  • Prices offered on a website that doesn't end in .au unless it is operated in Australia by an Australian company.

The comparative price must be notified to the call centre within 24 hours of the original booking being made with Jetstar, plus a screenshot from an Australian website showing the same identical Jetstar accommodation for a lower price.

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